AstexViewer: a visualisation aid for structure-based drug design

TitleAstexViewer: a visualisation aid for structure-based drug design
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsHartshorn MJ
JournalJ Comput Aided Mol Des
Date Published2002 Dec
KeywordsComputer Graphics, Computer Simulation, Computer-Aided Design, Drug Design, Internet, Ligands, Models, Molecular, Molecular Structure, Programming Languages, Proteins, Software, Static Electricity

AstexViewer is a Java molecular graphics program that can be used for visualisation in many aspects of structure-based drug design. This paper describes its functionality, implementation and examples of its use. The program can run as an Applet in a web browser allowing structures to be displayed without installing additional software. Applications of its use are described for visualisation and as part of a structure based design platform. The software is being made freely available to the community and may be downloaded from

Alternate JournalJournal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design

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