Compound libraries

eMatchSite compound library

Download eMatchSite template library from here, unpack the tarball:

[local]$ mkdir libraries

[local]$ tar xzf ematchsite-lib-jan2012.tar.gz -C libraries/

Optionally, you can create a symlink to the latest eMatchSite library. This is useful to quickly switch between different library versions.

[local]$ cd libraries

[libraries]$ ln -s ematchsite-lib-jan2012 ematchsite-lib-latest

Compatibility with eFindSite library

It is important that eMatchSite library version matches that of eFindSite used in ligand binding site prediction. So, if your eFindSite library is efindsite-lib-jan2012, you should use ematchsite-lib-jan2012 in eMatchSite.


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