eFindSite Standalone Package

eFindSite is a ligand binding site prediction and virtual screening algorithm that detects common ligand binding sites in a set of evolutionarily related proteins identified by 10 threading/fold recognition methods.
If you use eFindSite, please cite the following papers:

eFindSite is also available as a webserver. Datasets are available for download from here. See the manual for the details on the output file format.

eFindSite uses the following compound libraries:


eFindSite is free of charge under the terms of GNU General Public License for non-commercial use. It is distributed without any warranty, but with best wishes.


Source codes

Version (hover) Download Size MD5  

1.2 latest efindsite-1.2.tar.gz 18M e368138f07856cc4315021dfc58197d1  
1.2 latest, Xeon Phi efindsite-1.2-phi.tar.gz 18M 9ef02478be16887a7dbed2333601f13d  
1.1 efindsite-1.1.tar.gz 18M 156b70c319e6b70011b256ce9a023783  
1.0 efindsite-1.0.tar.gz 14M f0be9a1c17199f6710b8909430ae85a4  


Template libraries

Version (hover) Download Size MD5  

Jan 2012 latest efindsite-lib-jan2012.tar.gz 31G ef3c3e0bf7f14ce48d6d612d9d9b6723  


Virtual screening libraries

Version (hover) Download Size MD5  

Mar 2012 latest escreen-bindingdb-mar2012.gz 26M d4c251f137f67f6e0af265670fb00d03  
Mar 2012 latest escreen-chembl_nr-mar2012.gz 33M 9ffc7e766e84bb3ec9c7b60dcdbafeff  
Mar 2012 latest escreen-drugbank-mar2012.gz 0.7M ed93fa022a44120b61fd1e29c56f5aab  
Mar 2012 latest escreen-keggcomp-mar2012.gz 1M 0ec809783d14709fc931ec4a5d162107  
Mar 2012 latest escreen-keggdrug-mar2012.gz 0.7M 6c9afc6be48f26038882d02929729c47  
Mar 2012 latest escreen-nciopen-mar2012.gz 22M 38aa9f7f8916c96115b8be0e48fbeb2b  
Mar 2012 latest escreen-rcsbpdb-mar2012.gz 1.4M 26c862bea16a5480667e38eea000dc88  
Mar 2012 latest escreen-zinc12_nr-mar2012.gz 33M 031ece14602099796d816f5846023fd2  


eThread mapping files

eFindSite/eThread library Download Size MD5  

Jan 2012/Apr 2014 efindsite-lib-jan2012-apr2014.map.gz 0.12M ec215bbe1829a7861078876d5950af78  
Jan 2012/Jan 2012 efindsite-lib-jan2012-jan2012.map.gz 0.11M 0e21efefbd85f0fd2a5b09bfa02ac687  


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