eFindSitePPI Datasets

eFindSitePPI detects protein binding sites and residues using meta-threading. It also predicts interfacial geometry and specific interactions stabilizing protein-protein complexes, such as hydrogen bonds, salt bridges, aromatic and hydrophobic interactions.
If you use eFindSitePPI, please cite the following paper:

eFindSitePPI is available as a webserver and a standalone software distribution. See the manual for the details on the output file format.

eFindSitePPI is free of charge under the terms of GNU General Public License for non-commercial use. It is distributed without any warranty, but with best wishes.

Below, you can find the non-redundant sets of target structures, the list of templates used for protein binding site prediction as well as the output files generated by eFindSitePPI v1.0. Note that templates with >40% sequence identity to the target were excluded from the benchmark calculations.

Target proteins
Dataset Download Size MD5  

Target crystal structures BM1905C-structures.tar.gz 56M 3b385ca03970d2475f39449e5958fdd8  
High-quality target models BM1905H-structures.tar.gz 56M 099850cffb0b7d31ae9e08796d2b917f  
Moderate-quality target models BM1905M-structures.tar.gz 56M 752bac0d1e02b33ffe98c6a7d7e759cb  
Other input files
Dataset Download Size MD5  

eThread files BM1905-ethread.tar.gz 72M a78f339ceb8559548c4d6dd02acb230d  
Target sequence profiles BM1905-profiles.tar.gz 28M a66d1018ea42377c3b51b9250ff2e128  
eFindSitePPI predictions
Dataset Download Size MD5  

Target crystal structures BM1905C-efindsiteppi.tar.gz 49M 99816453742314c42061c5b977d25a11  
High-quality target models BM1905H-efindsiteppi.tar.gz 48M 61a5fecec124f87301d6295819918e8f  
Moderate-quality target models BM1905M-efindsiteppi.tar.gz 48M ea0a3fe987ef885ade451277982655da  


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