eGenome Download

The eGenome database can be downloaded using wget. First, download a list (e.g. eThread-eco.lst) and then use the following command to download the data:

[home]$ wget --base= -q -i eThread-eco.lst -P data/


Organism eThread eFindSite eFindSitePPI  
C. elegans (WBcel235) eThread-cel.lst (6.0G) eFindSite-cel.lst (51G) eFindSitePPI-cel.lst (1.3G)  
D. melanogaster (BDGP6) eThread-dme.lst (6.2G) eFindSite-dme.lst (45G) eFindSitePPI-dme.lst (1.4G)  
E. coli (ASM80076v1.31) eThread-eco.lst (697M) eFindSite-eco.lst (7.6G) eFindSitePPI-eco.lst (272M)  
H. sapiens (GRCh38) eThread-hsa.lst (16G) eFindSite-hsa.lst (90G) eFindSitePPI-hsa.lst (4.2G)  
M. musculus (GRCm38) eThread-mmu.lst (11G) eFindSite-mmu.lst (78G) eFindSitePPI-mmu.lst (2.5G)  
M. musculus (sproteins) eThread-mm1.lst (175M) eFindSite-mm1.lst (870M) eFindSitePPI-mm1.lst (87M)  
S. harrisii (DEVIL7.0) eThread-shr.lst (4.7G) eFindSite-shr.lst (35G) eFindSitePPI-shr.lst (1.1G)  


Database eRankPPI  
DIP eRankPPI-dip.lst (14G)  


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