Environment variables

Before running eFindSite, you need to set several environmental variables. This example assumes that you have installed all required programs in /usr/local/, as described in previous sections. For custom installations, you need to point eFindSite to correct locations.


[home]$ export EF_LIB=/usr/local/libraries/efindsite-lib-latest/

[home]$ export EF_MAP=/usr/local/libraries/efindsite-lib-latest/ethread-lib-jan2012.map

[home]$ export EF_MOD=/usr/local/efindsite-1.0/mod

[home]$ export EF_APL=/usr/local/efindsite-1.0/lib/apclusterunix64.so

On 32-bit systems, you will likely have to point EF_APL to apclusterunix32.so. On Mac OSX, you don't have to export EF_APL, since the Affinity Propagation clustering is disabled.


[home]$ export EF_MOD=/usr/local/efindsite-1.0/mod


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