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eThread is a template-based protein structure prediction approach. Template structures are selected from the PDB library using meta-threading that combines ten individual threading/fold recognition algorithms.
If you use eThread, please cite the following papers:

eThread is available as a webserver and a standalone software distribution. See the manual for the details on the output file format.

eThread uses CSI-BLAST, COMPASS, DFIRE, DSSP, fr-TM-align, HHpred, HMMER, Jackal, LIBSVM, MaxCluster, Modeller, NCBI BLAST, pftools, pGenTHREADER, PROCHECK, PSIPRED, Pulchra, SAM-T2K, SP3, Sparks, Stride, SVMrank, TASSER-Lite, THREADER and TM-score.

eThread is free of charge under the terms of GNU General Public License for non-commercial use. It is distributed without any warranty, but with best wishes.

Below, you can find the non-redundant set of proteins used for the benchmarking of eThread v1.0 as well as the modeling results. Note that templates with >40% sequence identity to the target were excluded from the benchmark calculations.

Target proteins
Dataset Download Size MD5  

Target sequences target.fasta.gz 1.4M 9c510788d3dcde1296e30cdfe2cf7d16  
Target crystal structures crystal-structures.tar.gz 253M 9c510788d3dcde1296e30cdfe2cf7d16  
Target-template alignments
Dataset Download Size MD5  

eThread (chain library) ethread-chain.alignments.tar.gz 190M cf26ba1dfae309fa83aef4ccc9e91551  
eThread (domain library) ethread-domain.alignments.tar.gz 121M b04d02099aa605c0992b74f5ebd2acff  
fr-TM-align (chain library)
TM-score ≥0.4
frtmalign-chain.alignments.tar.gz 57M ac21015ce0a9b1219c196e9621c020ce  
fr-TM-align (domain library)
TM-score ≥0.4
frtmalign-domain.alignments.tar.gz 30M 96be5278aec526fa3ad17fbe943c1549  
eThread (chain library)
TM-score ≥0.4
ethread-frtmalign-chain.alignments.tar.gz 50M 6b2e4da9f503a5165774c392d1d94851  
eThread (domain library)
TM-score ≥0.4
ethread-frtmalign-domain.alignments.tar.gz 25M 77c2c92bd9b08cb00fd7a5b865d471b2  
Inter-residue contacts
Dataset Download Size MD5  

eContact econtact.contacts.tar.gz 86M 990a6ad754240575e807f17d1195b8f2  
TM-score ≥0.4
frtmalign.contacts.tar.gz 76M dbacbd8a2fafd6f2d3b4736d092fe45d  
TM-score ≥0.4
econtact-frtmalign.contacts.tar.gz 98M 8c9f48f24db89b1b96afbac7d7876843  
Modeller models
Dataset Download Size MD5  

eThread/Modeller ethread-modeller.models.tar.gz 2.4G 45d58f0e51c6a17f4c7556853701a1f1  
TM-score ≥0.4
frtmalign-modeller.models.tar.gz 845M 9acd8e8d22f6f3ad736be0d0add1f28b  
TM-score ≥0.4
ethread-frtmalign-modeller.models.tar.gz 1.2G d4aff9284b804b44bbef428345c38896  
TASSER-Lite models
Dataset Download Size MD5  

eThread/TASSER ethread-tasser.models.tar.gz 2.5G 56c47f609b95f0d4ad911161e5e6dbce  
TM-score ≥0.4
frtmalign-tasser.models.tar.gz 2.5G 438f1d4f90175ef14fd545c1f31ce03f  
TM-score ≥0.4
ethread-frtmalign-tasser.models.tar.gz 2.5G c74a57bf46381b524509ff8c4cc4e725  
Models ranked by eRank
Dataset Download Size MD5  

eRank/Modeller erank-modeller.models.tar.gz 2.4G e601e180a829eb5420582178af7745a9  
eRank/TASSER erank-tasser.models.tar.gz 2.5G 42e54e3cd06588ca3ac39c5e429fa3bd  


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