eThread Standalone Package

eThread is a template-based protein structure prediction approach. Template structures are selected from the PDB library using meta-threading that combines ten individual threading/fold recognition algorithms.
If you use eThread, please cite the following papers:

eThread is also available as a webserver. Datasets are available for download from here. See the manual for the details on the output file format.

eThread uses CSI-BLAST, COMPASS, DFIRE, DSSP, fr-TM-align, HHpred, HMMER, Jackal, LIBSVM, MaxCluster, Modeller, NCBI BLAST, pftools, pGenTHREADER, PROCHECK, PSIPRED, Pulchra, SAM-T2K, SP3, Sparks, Stride, SVMrank, TASSER-Lite, THREADER and TM-score.

eThread is free of charge under the terms of GNU General Public License for non-commercial use. It is distributed without any warranty, but with best wishes.


Source codes

Version (hover) Download Size MD5  

1.0 latest ethread-1.0.tar.gz 235M d55ad57a539907d37cb7d3139e50bc93  


Threading libraries

Version (hover) Download Size MD5  

Apr 2014 latest ethread-lib-apr2014.tar.gz 24G ab749604de7aacbc67e7b9112e5bc628  
Jan 2012 ethread-lib-jan2012.tar.gz 14G efa825349ee5abfac075a1a7c00a0eac  


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