eVolver Datasets

eVolver is an optimization engine that evolves protein sequences to stabilize the respective structures by a variety of potentials, which are compatible with those commonly used in protein threading. The scoring function combines several energy terms: a burial potential, secondary structure preferences, a distant-dependent contact potential, sequence profiles and anti-bunching restraints.
If you use eVolver, please cite the following papers:

eVolver is available as a webserver and a standalone software distribution. See the manual for the details on the output file format.

eVolver is free of charge under the terms of GNU General Public License for non-commercial use. It is distributed without any warranty, but with best wishes.

Below, you can find the non-redundant set of proteins used for the benchmarking of eVolver v1.0 as well as the sequences evolved to stabilize the respective target structures.

Target proteins
Dataset Download Size MD5  

Target crystal structures target-structures.tar.gz 180M 653142de4ecbbd10eb6ac3137facf78a  
Stride output files target-stride.tar.gz 29M b4a4a8b99c984698cc3e59dbb0fca61d  
Structure-based profiles target-profiles.tar.gz 38M d3a9146aff24625f6573504d9e69ee80  
Structure alignments against CATH
TM-score ≥0.4
target-alignments.tar.gz 2G 29d9ed7bcc25500abdbced22d1e309d5  
Target sequences
Dataset Download Size MD5  

Wild-type sequences-wild.tar.gz 1.3M 826e0efaa634ceada5f3b72a07aa2c28  
protein-like composition
sequences-random.tar.gz 1.3M e7778a63144ccfdbcacf5386a233b7b2  
Evolved by eVolver
from random protein-like composition
sequences-evolved.tar.gz 1.3M ca02c79b658f7bb3682035f6ec0d36ae  


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