Installation and requirements

Note: Here, we will install everything in /usr/local, if you want to use a different location, make the appropriate changes.

Required libraries

eVolver requires GNU Scientific Library, GSL, which can be downloaded from here:

You can install it from sources or using a packet manager, such as yum (e.g. Red Hat), apt-get (e.g. Ubuntu) or MacPorts (Mac OSX). If you installed GSL from sources, make sure it is recognized by your C++ compiler.

Additional software

To construct structure-based profiles, you need a structure alignment program. We recommend fr-TM-align, although other programs can also be used. If you plan on using a different structure alignment algorithm, you will likely have to write a simple script to convert generated alignments to a FASTA-like format that is recognized by eVolver; this is explained in the provided example.

For fr-TM-align, download it from and follow the installation instructions.

You also need STRIDE to assign secondary structure. It can be downloaded from Again, follow the attached installation instructions (or see here).

Make sure that both external programs are available from the default search path:

[local]$ which frtmalign stride


Of course, /usr/local/bin may be different on your system.

Perl modules

Next, install the following Perl module, which is available from CPAN:


For instruction on how to install Per modules, see


Download the latest version of eVolver from our website (, unpack the tarball, go to evolver-1.0/src/ and run make:

[local]$ tar xzf evolver-1.0.tar.gz

[src]$ cd evolver-1.0/src/

[src]$ make

If there are no problems, the following files will show up in evolver-1.0/bin/:

[src]$ ls ../bin/


Structure library

Finally, you need a structure library, which can be downloaded from our website ( Unpack it to a convenient location, e.g. /usr/local/libraries/:

[local]$ mkdir libraries

[local]$ tar xzf evolver-lib-jan2012.tar.gz -C libraries/


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