Installation and requirements

In this manual, we describe how to install and run eMatchSite locally. Note that in order to use eMatchSite, you will need several files generated by eFindSite, so you may want to take a look at the eFindSite manual as well. Here, we will install eMatchSite in /usr/local/. Should you use a different location, make the appropriate changes.

Libraries required to compile eMatchSite source code

Before you start compiling eMatchSite, make sure that the following libraries are available on your system:


If you have them installed in locations not recognized by your C++ compiler, depending on your configuration, you may want to copy following files to ematchsite‐1.0/lib/:

zlib zlib.h, zconf.h, libz.a
gzstream gzstream.h, libgzstream.a
libsvm svm.h, libsvm.a

A note on libsvm: By default, make does not create libsvm.a. Use the archiver ar as shown below to get the required file:

[src]$ tar xzf libsvm-3.17.tar.gz

[src]$ cd libsvm-3.17/

[libsvm-3.17]$ make

[libsvm-3.17]$ ar cr libsvm.a svm.o


Download the latest version of eMatchSite from here, unpack the tarball, go to ematchsite-1.0/src/ and run make:

[local]$ tar xzf ematchsite-1.0.tar.gz

[local]$ cd ematchsite-1.0/src/

[src]$ make

If there are no problems, ematchsite executable will show up in ematchsite-1.0/bin/:

[src]$ ls ../bin/



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