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eFindSitePPI detects protein binding sites and residues using meta-threading. It also predicts interfacial geometry and specific interactions stabilizing protein-protein complexes, such as hydrogen bonds, salt bridges, aromatic and hydrophobic interactions.
If you use eFindSitePPI, please cite the following paper:

eFindSitePPI is also available as a standalone software distribution. Datasets are available for download from here. See the manual for the details on the output file format.

eFindSitePPI is free of charge under the terms of GNU General Public License for non-commercial use. It is distributed without any warranty, but with best wishes.

This server is running eFindSitePPI v1.1. Click here to see some sample results.

When viewing the results, activating Java supported features jams the browser.

Although we tested the Java applet used to visualize the results for eThread and eFindSite across several platforms, operating systems and web browsers, users may still experience some issues. If problems with Java supported features persist, please try to clean cache or use "no Java" link when clicking on "View results". We will continue working on the web interface to improve the visual components of our services.

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